CHRONOS is sequential time, the inconsequential passing of time in everyday life.
CHAIROS is the right time for something to happen… a moment of significance that will change you forever…
CHAIROS is measured not in seconds but by impact... We will create CHAIROS moments for you.


Strategic Business Consulting
Startup & Venture Incubation
Strategic Communications
Content & Platform Development
Marketing & Sales


Sachin Gopalan has spent 18 years in Indonesia working in media and content organizations.

Successful startup expert, has set up several businesses over a 26 year career. Set up a new factory to manufacture ophthalmic lenses for SRF Visioncare, India, Set up nationwide operations for Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Expanded services as Marketing Director of CastleAsia, built up QTV & SWARA Television Channels in partnership with DPR/MPR, and established the successful media group Beritasatu Media owned by Lippo Group.

Previous position as the Chief Executive Officer of BeritaSatu Media Holdings (BMH), (2010-2015) an Indonesian news organization based in Jakarta Indonesia. Widely recognized in the Industry for its product innovation, has won several international and local awards. Media portfolio includes Newspapers, Magazines, News portals, mobile apps, social media products as well as Television and Radio channels. BeritaSatu Media is also the largest English language publisher in Indonesia.

Projects for Indonesia such as Java Jazz Festival, Bali4TheWorld. Voter Education program with Election Commission (KPU), Media Training with DPD and Teacher Education with Depdiknas.

Former Chairman of Cricket Indonesia, has been involved in international award winning sport development programs.

Bachelor’ Degree in Production Engineering from College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai India. Awarded University Gold Medal for Academic Excellence


Dr. Ilham Habibie
Chairman PT. ILTHABI

Shoeb Kagda
Founder, PT Synthesis

Dr. Gershu Paul
CEO Siloam International

James Castle
Chairman CastleAsia

Ricky Subrata
Founder and CEO, BBDO
& OMG Indonesia

Shyatto Raha
CEO NDTV Worldwide

Charles Ho
Digital Entrepreneur, Singapore



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